Jewelry’s Yewon Talks About Her Extreme Pre-Debut Diet: “Even Grass Tasted Good”

On the September 4 episode of KBS2TV’s variety show “Happy Together 3,” girl group Jewelry‘s Yewon revealed she went on a rigorous diet to prepare for her debut.

The idol appeared on the show together with labelmate and ZE:A member Kwanghee, who spilled the beans on Yewon’s past, saying, “In the past, she lost her mind while fasting and started eating dirt.”

Yewon explained, “I went to a fasting center and decided on their one-week program, as my debut date was getting closer. I followed the program and ate tiny amounts of health foods in the morning, followed by hot yoga, naps, and bathing. I would alternate between the hot and cold tubs.”

“By the fifth day, I felt so exhausted that I wanted to go home. Other participants were having a hard time too. On the last day, I thought ‘If I continue like this, I will pass out’. During my daily walk outside the center, I suddenly felt the need to taste grass, and ended up eating grass like crazy. Even dirt tasted good to me, it was like sugar,” she continued, and finally revealed, “I lost four kilograms (8.8 pounds) during that week.”

Hopefully Yewon is now maintaining her weight through a more healthy and reasonable program!