No Statement Yet about SISTAR’s “I Swear” MV Following Plagiarism Accusations

About a week after its release on August 26, the music video for SISTAR’s “I Swear” from their special “Sweet & Sour” album was thrust under scrutiny following questions of plagiarism. The allegations came after viewers claimed that the music video for “I Swear” was very similar to DJ Tiesto’s “Red Lights” music video, containing similar premises, similar body shots, situational setups, etc.

Arguments then ensued, some calling the music video plagiarism, others calling the video a work of homage. It has now been several days since the initial plagiarism accusations surfaced, and there has yet to be any statement from the makers of the video.

What do you think? Watch the videos below and decide for yourself.

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sistar i swear

SISTAR – “I Swear”

DJ Tiesto – “Red Lights”