Lee Byung Hun Writes a Handwritten Letter About Recent Blackmail Scandal

Actor Lee Byung Hun took to a handwritten letter to apologize to his fans for any hurt he may have given them because of his scandal with his blackmailers.

On September 5, Lee Byung Hun’s letter was posted on his agency’s, BH Entertainment, Facebook page. It reads:

This is Lee Byung Hun.

Knowing that this incident has disappointed you, unable to do the role in my mind and heart, all I can do is just breathe.

Before I can put any blame on whether it was premeditated or that I was threatened, I am reflecting with deep regret that this all started because of my carelessness and lack of virtue. Because I am an actor that receives love from many people, I painfully feel great responsibility.

Above all, and what hurts my heart the most, is that I have greatly hurt and disappointed my precious loved ones. I will do what I can to prevent any more disappointments to my wife and family who have been by my side despite having received much attention, pain, and difficulties because of me. 

Although I cannot take back time or your disappointment, I will take care to be more careful in the future. I will never forget how great the weight of your love and attention is, and with a reflective mind will try to live committed to the things that were given to me. 


BH Entertainment told reporters, “Lee Byung Hun’s will to apologize to his fans himself was strong. He wrote this letter with the mindset that silence is not the answer to the misunderstanding and speculations that have been hurting him. We ask that you understand his sincerity and to refrain from misunderstandings and speculations.”


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