Sean and Jung Hye Young Celebrate Their 5000 Days of Love

On September 4, singer Sean posted a photo along with a sweet personal message to his wife, actress Jung Hye Young on his Instagram. With his photo he captioned, “Our 5000 days were so precious, which makes me even more excited for day 5000+1.” He continued, “Even if death splits us apart I will love you forever.”

In the uploaded photo Jung Hye Young could be seen with a happy smile as she embraces the flowers she received from her husband. This close up photo made fans jealous not only of their continuous love for one another, but for Jung Hye Young’s unaging skin as well.

2014.09.05_jung hye young

The two met in 2001 through their connection with YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Seok, and dated for three years. In October of 2004 they finally tied the knot and since then had four children—Ha Eum (10), Ha Rang (8), Ha Yul (6), and Ha El (4).

Who else is jealous of this loving couple?