Kang Hye Jung Transforms into a High School Student for Upcoming Drama Special

Actress Kang Hye Jung will transform into a high school student for an upcoming Korean Thanksgiving holiday drama special called “Bump of My Life.”

In the teaser images released for the drama, Kang Hye Jung can be seen in a high school uniform. Despite being 32-years-old and a mother, she surprisingly pulls off the uniform very well. Nonetheless, Kang Hye Jung stated that she does not like uniforms very much, and that she is “thankful to be free from the restricting uniforms as an adult.”

In “Bump of My Life,” Kang Hye Jung will portray both the high school years of her character and the adult version of her character as well.

“Bump of My Life,” a candid portrayal of everyday families’ struggles and conflicts, will air as a Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseok) special on September 8.

kang hye jung uniform