YG’s Yang Hyun Suk Gives Bobby the Full Amount of “Show Me the Money” Winnings

YG trainee Bobby recently took a step closer to his dream, which was to buy his diligent mother a home of her own. This past September 4, Bobby took victory over his fierce competition in the rap survival program “Show Me the Money Season 3.” The prize money that he won was 100 million KRW (which is approximately $100,000 USD). Normally, the management agency would take a portion of this for certain fees that would apply in the process of taking care of the celebrity. However, it’s been revealed that Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment did not take any of the applying fees.

A representative of YG revealed to OSEN on September 6, “As soon as CEO and producer Yang Hyun Suk heard of the news of Bobby’s victory on the show, he immediately ordered us to deposit the entire amount without taking off the agency fees. He is strict when he trains Bobby within the company, but he has always been aware of Bobby’s difficult financial background and his filial affection towards his family.”

It’s relatively unusual for trainees to get directly paid by their company for their activities, but getting paid the full amount is even more unprecedented. YG has been especially known for its quick and accurate system when dealing with financials with the celebrities under the company name.

Bobby has already revealed that he is apologetic towards his mother, who has worked very hard with the hope that her son would succeed. On the episode of “Show Me the Money 3” that aired this past August 28, he revealed, “I came to Korea not knowing anything but the fact that I was chasing my dreams. I separated myself from my mother, and it’s already been four years. I smile when I look at my older brother’s SNS accounts where he sometimes uploads photos of her. I miss her every day.” He continued, “If I win it’ll be like a shortcut and a step closer to being able to see my parents. I’m going to bring them back to Korea no matter what it takes.”

His love for his mother could also be seen in his songs. His affection was recently seen in his song, “YGGR#Hip Hop.” The following are some parts of his lyrics:

“I’ll be your glasses so look carefully

Look who’s on stage and not you

Look at why a foreign worker with no money or a home works so intensely and hard”


“Bear with your reality that has no future

I’ll drench my clothes with sweat

You can glare at me while I make money

You can’t get past your sighs and jealousy

 My money making skills are growing, my voice is before the people

I’m living my dream as I’m making my proud rap money.”


“With the title of an idol hanging around my neck

I proudly make money so I can meet my mom

Our family was struggling because of money

Just like the name I made, it’s BOB-BY now

I started from the bottom, now it’s time to build a house

I don’t care if I get eliminated

Just show me the money.”

In final round of the show that aired this past September 4, Bobby took his long-awaited victory over Iron. For his final performance he picked the song “Put Your Guard Up and Bounce,” which was a song that shed light on the false talent of some of his idol colleagues. He surpassed his opponent with an overwhelming amount of votes for both the first and second rounds. After the song was released the next day, it immediately topped several music charts online.

2014.09.06_bobby wins smtm

With this opportunity, Bobby has just stepped much closer to his dream of being able to live with his mother.

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