Soompi K-Pop Idol Rap Battle: Final Round

Welcome to the final round of the Soompi K-Pop Idol Rap Battle! We’ve come a long way from the beginning, and it has come down to just two out of our initial 32 contestants: BTS Rap Monster vs. B.A.P Zelo.

The semifinal round made for some close matches. Zelo defeated Amber (f(x)) with the bigger gap of the two matches, although it was still less than 10 percent, and Rap Monster just barely edged out early favorite G-Dragon (BIGBANG) by a mere 2.06 percent. Each rapper undoubtedly saw their respective supporters come out and cast their votes and opinions, and it was reflected in the numbers.

“You guys can just compare both videos with Amber and Zelo rapping Eminem. It’s pretty clear that Amber is more powerful and soulful.”

“Amber is great, but Zelo’s LTE rapping wins hands down. He likes English, and for someone who doesn’t speak it fluently, he does very well; he raps with a confidence that Amber does not seem to have. He believes his rap when he spits it, because he wrote it, and it shows.”

“Of course I will vote for GD! There’s no need to even make a battle. G-DRAGON is the King of K-Pop, King of Rap. He is the most senior of them all.”

“I am sure that if RapMon was voting he would probably choose GD, but with the videos as a guide, I would have to choose Rap Monster. His rapping style is really cool, his flow seems near perfect, the way he mixes his Korean and English flows just as smooth as his voice sounds.”

Regardless of close the vote may have been, however, only two can advance, and we said goodbye to our final female rapper Amber and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. Without further ado, we give you the championship match!


BTS Rap Monster vs. B.A.P Zelo

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BTS Rap Monster vs. B.A.P Zelo

Rap Monster


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