Nam Goong Min Kisses Hong Jin Young in Front of Thousands on “We Got Married’

On the September 6 episode of “We Got Married, Season 4” Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min got caught on the stadium’s “kiss cam” while on a date at a baseball game. Nam Goong Min didn’t embrace Hong Jin Young while kissing her, so spectators demanded that they show more powerful skinship.

After Nam Goong Min pecked Hong Jin Young on the cheek, he asked her, “Is this ok?” In an interview with the production team, Hong Jin Young explained why she doesn’t want the couple’s first kiss to be somewhere in front of a lot of people. “I feel more relaxed and free somewhere private,” she said. “We Got Married” may be a show about virtual marriages, but at least in this case the romance may be real.

On the same episode, Nam Goong Min confessed to liking Hong Jin Young and asked her to be his girlfriend while they pretended to be a college campus couple after visiting Hong Jin Young’s alma mater. Later in the interview with the production team, Hong Jin Young admitted to feeling flutters when she was asked and Nam Goong Min stated he didn’t know why he asked that even thought it was just pretend. Getting a little defensive, he said, “We’ll take care of this ourselves. Why are you asking? It’s embarrassing.”