SBS’ “Roommate” Announces Season Two with New Name and Concept

SBS’ variety show “Roommate” will be undergoing significant changes before returning with the second season.

Park Sang Hyuk PD commented to news outlet Star News, “Season two will be different from season one. We are currently recruiting new members that match the concept of season two.”

“For the first season, we focused on showing how strangers live together in a shared house. Season two will put more emphasis on the members’ personal lives. We will show how people with complexes or hurtful experiences try to overcome their personal challenges. In particular, you will see how they change and grow through ‘Roommate,'” the PD explained.

In regards to the cast of season two, he expressed, “We are recruiting members while having the concept of season two in mind. People that need support are likely to become the new members. Also, considering the concept of season two, the average age is likely to increase. Like in season one, you will see celebrities that rarely appear on variety shows.” The name will be changed to “It’s Okay, Roommate.”

The news of a new season comes after 2NE1‘s Park Bom, Lee So Ra, Song Ga Yeon and Shin Sung Woo announced their decision to leave the show.

The first season of “Roommate” will air its final episode on September 14.