Tablo: “‘Superman Returns’ Helped Our Family to Face the World Again”

Epik High member Tablo has thanked KBS2TV’s reality show “Superman Returns” for giving his family the precious opportunity to appear in front of the public.

On the September 7 broadcast of the show, all of the families gathered to the KBS studio for the show’s first anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, the families shared their thoughts on the journey so far.

In particular, Tablo, Kang Hye Jung and Haru surprised everyone by preparing tasty rice cakes for the fellow cast members and the audience.

When asked if there is any particular reason for handing out the considerate gifts, Tablo expressed his innermost feelings of gratitude, “Prior to appearing on this program, our family was disconnected from the world. Through filming ‘Superman Returns,’ we were able to face the world again. Thank you.”

We hope to see Tablo and his lovely family appear on the show for years to come!