Song Il Gook: “I Have Already Picked Names for My Future Twin Daughters”

Actor Song Il Gook has confessed to having plans of adding daughters to his growing family!

On the September 7 broadcast of KBS2TV’s “Superman Returns,” the father and his lovely triplets Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se gathered to the KBS studio with fellow cast members to celebrate the show’s first anniversary.

When asked if the idea of having daughters has ever crossed his mind, Song Il Gook revealed, “I want to have them, but I simply haven’t told my wife yet. I have even chosen the names. If they turn out to be twins, I want to name them Woo Ri and Na Ra.” 

The names Woo Ri and Na Ra translate to “our” and “land,” which is used by Koreans to refer to their homeland. With the triplets’ names combined translating to, “Republic of Korea, hurray,” seems like Song Il Gook would like to continue the tradition of giving their children meaningful names.

Right after the confession, the actor explained, “My mother-in-law, I am sorry. This is only my personal dream.”

song il gook