Lee Dong Wook, Park Min Woo, and Chanyeol Succeed in Making Jo Se Ho and Nana’s Movie Date ‘More Memorable’

Jo Se Ho‘s dream movie date with Orange Caramel’s Nana would’ve been perfect. The two were seated comfortably beside each other in a private theater as they watched a horror film all by themselves–at least that’s what they thought!

Little did the two know, they were in for a surprise. On the September 7 episode of “Roommate,Lee Dong Wook, Park Min Woo, and EXO’s Chanyeol were shown brewing some mischievous plan outside the theater to make Jo Se Ho and Nana’s movie date an even more memorable one: by scaring them to death while they’re watching a horror movie.

The three mischievous guys who dubbed themselves as “007 Roommate Operation Group” followed Jo Se Ho and Nana on their way to the theater, driving behind them. When they got to the theater, Lee Dong Wook started briefing Chanyeol and Park Min Woo on their “special” date plan.

Although the three were a bit sloppy with their moves, they managed to get inside the theater without anyone noticing them and began working on their plan. Crouching behind the seats and quietly making his way closer to Jo Se Ho and Nana, Lee Dong Wook had a feel of the situation and then commanded Chanyeol and Park Min Woo to enter the theater.

Finally, the three were all inside and got ready to finalized their plan. When the horror movie reached its climax and both Jo Se Ho and Nana were already on the edge of their seats, the three got the perfect timing to scare the two.

Jo Se Ho got so shocked that he fell to his chair and was sweating cold sweat. He needed some time to recover his composure. At the interview with the producer, Jo Se Ho jokingly said, “I don’t know why they came. I think they wanted to disturb us in the first place. I hope they remember that someday, I will take revenge for this and show it to all of you.”