Teen Top Releases Funny “It’s Not Easy” Short Clips

A few days ahead of their comeback, Teen Top reminded their fans how some things are not easy as they seem.

On September 7, Teen Top released two short ten-second clips that featured things that normally look easy such as typing and rapping.

One video showed Changjo and L.Joe working on their laptops together. When L.Joe was about to get started, he got distracted by Changjo’s unbelievably fast typing that he had to stand up and look at how fast his hands were. Changjo upped the ante and even typed with just his left hand, showing more of his typing “skills.” Dumbfounded, L.Joe just sat back and said, “It’s not easy.”

The other video showed Niel, one of the group’s lead vocalist, trying his best to rap in the episode of Mnet’s “Entertainers.” As L.Joe and Cap watched, the two looked very confused at what they’re watching and muttered, “What’s this? Isn’t rap easy?,” asked L.Joe. “It’s not easy, of course,” replied Cap.

The series of videos are released to promote the group’s upcoming single,“Missing” (literal translation: “It’s Not Easy”), which is the title track off the group’s upcoming mini album “Éxito” set to be released on September 15. The song is described as a groovy dance track with elements of R&B. Hit producer Black Eyed Pilseung (Rado and Choi Kyu Sung) worked on the track.