Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk Give Their Chemistry in “Fated to Love You” a Perfect Score

On the most recent episode of MBC’s “Section TV” that aired on September 7, the production team visited the end of drama celebration of “Fated to Love You,” which aired its last episode this past Thursday.

2014.09.07_jang nara interview

Jang Nara especially seemed sad to let the drama go. She mentioned in her interview, “Jang Hyuk and all of the staff members treated me preciously as if they were with Mi Young [her character in the drama].” In response to the question of how she would rank her acting compatibility with Jang Hyuk, she responded shyly but without hesitation, “100 points.” She also revealed her bittersweet feelings with the end of the drama. She said, “I was very happy. I’m so thankful that I was gifted with these precious memories.” When asked what her most memorable scene would be, she responded by mentioning her bed scene with Jang Hyuk.

2014.09.07_jang hyuk interview

In Jang Hyuk’s interview, he was asked the same question of whether he would ever work with Jang Nara again in another project. He immediately answered, “Yes I will absolutely do it without hesitation.” He explained, “My character in the drama was one that would have been slightly awkward and up in the air by himself. But Jang Nara was able to make my character shine. Realistically it was a difficult character to portray without her help. If the opportunity comes I would really like to act with her again.”

Meanwhile, everyone seemed to compliment the atmosphere of the filming set and the close relationships between the staff and the actors, which probably made the mood of the celebration a little bit more bittersweet than complete relief. You can see the interviews below:

In other news, the Wednesday-Thursday slot on MBC will be now taken over by “My Spring Day,” starring Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Kam Woo Sung. It will air its first episode this coming Wednesday on September 10.

Who else is sad to see “Fated to Love You” end?