Lee Seung Gi Remembers His Old Self Through ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik

In a recent interview with Star News, Lee Seung Gi recollected back to when he first attempted other challenges other than singing. Back in 2006 he had his first acting gig in the KBS drama “The Infamous Chil Sisters.” Later in 2009, he got his first lead role in SBS’s “Shining Inheritance,” which got him three awards at the year-end ceremony. At the time, he also had a steady presence on KBS’s variety show “1 Night, 2 Days,” and had just started to MC next to Kang Ho Dong on SBS’s talk show “Strong Heart.” That same year he had also released a new album, “Shadow,” with hits such as “Wedding Veil” and “Let’s Break Up.” As a singer, actor, and an MC, he was a rising multi-entertainer.

2014.09.08_lee seung gi 2009

Lee Seung Gi commented, “I remember a lot of things from that year. Of course I maintained the thought that I needed to do my best in every opportunity that had been given to me. Even when I had been cast onto ‘Shining Inheritance,’ I hadn’t thought that it would be that popular. Though Director Jin Hyuk is famous now, that drama had been his debut project. And it was a time when Han Hyo Joo needed a hit project as well. Moon Chae Won of course wasn’t very well known, either. So essentially all of the desperate people had gotten together for this one drama.”

The interviewed continued and they began to talk about his ideals. With regards to his basic ideals that he had when he first started as a rookie, he commented with honesty, “I don’t think I’ve lost too much of that initial intention and basic ideals I had as a rookie.” It was understandable for him to say so. He had walked all this way by doing his best in everything that had been given to him, and he valued the time that took him to get to the point he is at today. Back in 2009, Lee Seung Gi was 23 years old. He was young and rose fast through that drama. Five years later in 2014, the presence of stars in their twenties is strong. So Lee Seung Gi was asked to think of a 2014 male star that could be comparable to his 2009 self. 2014.09.08_park hyung sik

Lee Seung Gi’s answer was ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik. He explained, “Whenever I see Park Hyung Sik I always feel that positive energy coming out of him. Whether or not he is a good actor, or even if his acting skills may not be up to par, he has his own unique character. That feeling is filled with hope that somehow makes the viewer happy, and I love that feeling.” Meanwhile, the interview was taken in celebration of his 10 year anniversary since his debut. What do you guys think? Do you see any similarities between the two hot stars?

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