Sooyoung Gets Teary in New “My Spring Day” Stills

MBC’s new drama “My Spring Day” will be about Lee Bo Mi, a clinical dietician who gets a second chance at life through a heart transplant. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung will portray this character, who lives two, three times harder with the guilt that she is living the life of someone else.

On September 7, new stills of Sooyoung in “My Spring Day” were released. In these “tear cuts,” Bo Mi finds out that her donor had been a resident of Udo Island and decides to go there. She brings along with her a dish that she made with care, and expresses her gratitude and apologies towards the ocean, thinking her donor would be in the wind. Behind stories say that Udo Island’s nice background matched well with Sooyoung’s acting, resulting in a beautiful scene.

2014.09.08_my spring day sooyoung stills

Sooyoung revealed, “The line, ‘There must have been people you wanted to meet, and things you wanted to do,’ told me a lot of things. There were both apologetic and thankful emotions, and it brought a scene where she promises to live a fuller life. Unlike when I just read the script, I got even sadder when I looked at the ocean. It immediately brought me to tears.”

A representative of the production company commented, “It was probably difficult [for Sooyoung] to get into the emotions of the character because it was very windy and the weather wasn’t very nice. The point of this scene was restrained tears, and Sooyoung did her best to control her tears in the disadvantageous setting. Sooyoung is an actress that does her best in everything she does, just like her character Bo Mi.”

Meanwhile, “My Spring Day” will be about the woman who receives a heart transplant, Bo Mi, and how she falls in love with her donor’s husband, portrayed by Kam Woo Sung. It will be a warm and nice human melodrama, just like a “spring day.” Its first episode will air this coming Wednesday September 10 on MBC.

Who’s looking forward to this drama?