Nasty Nasty Shows Glimpses of Their Backstage Antics in Latest Behind-the-Scenes Video

Star Empire‘s co-ed project group Nasty Nasty released a behind-the-scenes video detailing the happenings behind their television debut stage.

In the video, Nasty Nasty members KyungriKevin, and Sojin can be seen practicing and talking backstage before their very first broadcast stage. Kyungri is seen constantly reviewing her parts, while Kevin jokes around with her and Sojin. Kevin’s group-mate Dongjun from ZE:A pays them a visit to cheer them up as well. He also adds that he is jealous of Kevin for being in Nasty Nasty.

Later on, Dongjun can be seen in the crowd along with the Nasty Nasty fans, watching the trio perform.

Kyungri’s group-mate Minha of Nine Muses also visits them after the stage, with a cake to celebrate their first successful performance.

Check out the video below!