GOT7’s Jackson Teases Actor Kim Kwang Gyu on “Hello Stranger”

GOT7‘s Jackson has had a run-in with veteran actor Kim Kwang Gyu on the Chuseok edition of MBC entertainment show “Hello Stranger,” which aired on September 8.

The GOT7 star seems to have decided it would be fun to tease the actor, who is 30 years his senior, as part of the show.

Kim Kwang Gyu first became upset with Jackson (originally from Hong Kong) when he first refused to speak Korean to him. When Kim addressed Jackson, the latter answered in Chinese, infuriating the older actor.

Later, Jackson was speaking to a Chinese-speaking participant on the show in Chinese. When Kim Kwang Gyu interrupted, Jackson said, “Do you mind? The two of us were having a conversation!” This only added to Kim Kwang Gyu’s embarrassment.

The older actor angrily told Jackson, “You are a real trouble maker!”

Jackson explained his attitude later on the program, saying, “I felt a real fatherly vibe from Kim Kwang Gyu, so I teased him a bit, just like I tease my real father!”

Kim Kwang Gyu explained his surprise at Jackson’s behavior later in the show, too, saying, “It is the first time I have met Jackson. I have no idea why he treated me like this!”