SBS Releases Han Seok Kyu “Secret Door” Stills, Also Starring Lee Je Hoon

Media network SBS has released a set of still photos featuring actor Han Seok Kyu, who will play one of the two male lead roles in forthcoming historical drama “Secret Door.”

Han Seok Kyu1

The pictures are taken from a scene where Han Seok Kyu’s character is threatening senior government officials with a sword and ordering them to cover up a mistake made by his son (played by actor Lee Je Hoon). The scene illustrates the character’s initial fierce loyalty to his son and his quick temper, although a bitter conflict between the two character ensues as the plot develops.

Footage from the scene can also be seen in teaser videos previously released by the network. You can check out these teaser videos below.

“Secret Door” will begin airing on September 22.