Sung Si Kyung’s Tennis Nagging Inspires Jung Hyung Don on “Cool Kiz on the Block”

Singer Sung Si Kyung and comedian Jung Hyung Don have been bonding through a series of social media messages as part of the two stars’ participation on the latest edition of KBS2 reality show “Cool Kiz on the Block.”

Cool Kiz on the Block

During the show (which will air on the evening of September 9), the celebrities were trying their hand at playing tennis, and were asked to collaborate as part of a team.

Sung Si Kyung started to nag his teammate and told him that he needed to improve his tennis-playing stance and posture.

Jung Hyung Don jokingly complained, “Not even a coach would treat me so severely!”

The stars became involved in a long conversation through Kakao Talk, a social network application, which was revealed by the shows producers as part of the show. As part of this conversation, Sung Si Kyung continued to push his teammate to practice more.

But, it seems that Sung Si Kyung’s persistence eventually paid off. Jung Hyung Dong went to a tennis court to practice, and sent a picture of his efforts to the singer.

The picture won praise from Sung Si Kyung, who replied, “I’m so impressed!”