[Updated with Party Ver.] 2PM Have Too Much Fun in “Go Crazy” Music Video

Group 2PM has made their comeback with the fun and energetic dance track “Go Crazy” with the release of their music video through their official YouTube channel.

 “Go Crazy” is the title track from their fourth full album and contains 10 new tracks including “Go Crazy” and other tracks such as “She’s Ma Girl,” “Mine,” “Pull&Pull,” “Boyfriend,” and “Awesome.” It also includes the Korean versions of the group’s Japanese songs “Beautiful” and “I’m Your Man.”

2PM member Jun.K worked on a couple of tracks in the album including the title track “Go Crazy” which he wrote and also co-composed and co-arranged, and the song“Separation Trip” which he also wrote and composed. Chansung also contributed to a couple of the tracks himself. Chansung wrote the lyrics to “Mine” and co-wrote the lyrics of “Boyfriend.” Taecyeon also penned the rap lyrics for a couple of tracks including “Mine,” “Awesome,” “Boyfriend,” and “Pull&Pull.”

The full album will be released on September 15.

Update (September 15):

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