Teen Top Adds More Items to Their “It’s Not Easy” List + Releases Chunji and L.Joe’s “ÉXITO” Teaser Pics

Teen Top has been teasing fans with video clips and photos one after the othe as D-DAY of their “ÉXITO” comeback approaches.

On September 8 and 9, a few more of the funny “It’s Not Easy” (English translation of title track “Missing“) series of video clips were also released. The short clips showed the boys trying out things that they say are not as easy as they seem such as lettering, peeling an apple, stretching, and even blowing a bubble gum!

More recently, on the midnight of September 10, teaser photos of L.Joe and Chunji were also released through Teen Top’s official Facebook page, completing the individual teaser photos of the members.

L.Joe, Teen Top, Exito

Chunji, Teen Top, Exito

“ÉXITO,” the group’s upcoming mini album is set to be released on September 15. It will contain six tracks including the title track “Missing” which is produced by the producing duo Black Eyed Pilseung (Rado and Choi Kyu Sung). 

Check out the funny “It’s Not Easy” clips below:

Bubble Gum


Peeling an Apple


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