SISTAR’s Hyorin Confesses She Was Really Nervous For “I Am a Singer”, Places 2nd with Emotional Performance of Naul’s “Way Back Home”

On the special chuseok episode of the show MBC‘s “I Am a Singer” aired on September 9, SISTAR’s confident lead singer Hyorin confessed that she got so nervous that she wasn’t able to enjoy being in the show.

Hyorin, who participated as the first idol singer in the show “I Am a Singer,” confessed her thoughts to the camera before taping for the show. “This is my first time so I am really nervous. Somehow, I think I won’t enjoy this day. I’d rather that (they) don’t grade me,” said Hyorin with a worried look on her face.

However, even when she got so nervous and worried, Hyorin was able to give her best performance which got her the second place in the competition.

Meanwhile, veteran vocalist The One emerged as the winner among the many talented singers who competed on “I Am A Singer” including Sinawe, Kim Jong Seo, Park Ki Young, Fly To The Sky, and Yoon Min Soo.

The special chuseok episode of MBC’s “I Am a Singer” which was aired on September 9 was filmed on September 3 at an outdoor location with a live audience.