Henry, Victoria, and Kangin Forced to Cook Snakes on Chuseok Special “Clenched Fist Chef”

On the September 9 broadcast of SBS’ Chuseok special two-part pilot variety program “Clenched Fist Chef,” a snake was brought out into a kitchen in China and turned the set into chaos.

During this first episode, Super Junior M’s Henry, f(x)’s Victoria, Super Junior’s Kangin, and Rose Motel’s Yook Joong Wan displayed their immense fear of snakes with its sudden appearance in the kitchen.

In this particular kitchen in China, the chefs also specialize in snake cuisine. As a result, the master chefs took out a live snake that they had kept in a refrigerator after catching it earlier that day, in order to cook it for a dish.

Unlike the chefs who are familiar with snakes, Henry, Victoria, Kangin, and Yook Joong Wan were completely terrified. Henry especially could be seen screaming out of fear when the snake got closer, causing laughter on the set. Meanwhile, Victoria explained that while she enjoys eating snakes, she doesn’t like seeing them.

Check out a clip of this chaotic scene below!

clenched fist chef