Lee Hyori Talks About Her Worries of Whether or Not to Have Children Due to Her Celebrity Status

On the September 9 broadcast of SBS’ variety talk show “Magic Eye,” MC Lee Hyori revealed her personal thoughts on having children and discussed the worries she has about whether or not she should have her own child.

Hyori stated, “I always think cautiously about having a child. Because I’m a celebrity, I worry about my son or daughter having no choice but to receive attention and be called ‘Lee Hyori’s junior.’”

The singer also shared her honest thoughts on raising her own child: “If I were to have a child, I would want to raise him/her in a simple way. But I also worry if that would ultimately be a good learning environment for the child.”

What do you think of Lee Hyori’s worries about having children as a celebrity? Do you think she would make a good mother? Check out the clip below!

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