A Pink’s Hayoung Reveals Her Childhood Photos

In the last episode of MBC‘s Every1 -“A Pink’s Showtime“, A Pink‘s youngest member Hayoung successfully won their mission game and was granted her wish to go on a vacation trip. In the upcoming episode that airs on September 11, A Pink sets off on a train ride to Busan, Korea. However, on their arrival, they are surprised to find themselves greeted with a rain storm.

As the A Pink group members were waiting until the rain stopped, they began curiously looking through each other’s luggage. The first interesting thing they found was a collection of Hayoung’s wallet photos. Alongside the most recent identification photo of herself, Hayoung’s baby photo, and grade school/middle school yearbook photos were displayed. Her transitioning childhood photos validated her prominent features and unchanging natural beauty.

The fellow group members of A Pink ranked Hayoung as number one for having the “best facial features”. 

“A Pink’s Showtime” is a show dedicated to documenting the girl group throughout a variety of activities that bring forth the personalities of each member. To keep up with A Pink, be sure to tune into MBC’s Every1 Showtime every Thursday for the latest “A Pink’s Showtime” episode.

Here is a sneak peek video to the upcoming episode 6: