Clara and ZE:A’s Dongjun to Run in Torch Relay for the Incheon Asian Games

Entertainer Clara and Dongjun from the boy group ZE:A have been chosen to carry the torch in the upcoming Incheon Asian Games.

They were chosen by Swiss watch brand Tissot to represent the brand in the carrying of the torch during the games. The watch branded announced on September 10: “We have chosen Clara and Dongjun to represent our brand in the Games. Clara is well-loved for her bright and athletic image, while Dongjun has been getting more popular as a ‘sport-dol’ with his athleticism.”

Clara and Dongjun are both quite the athletes, as Clara has a black belt in taekwondo and Dongjun did gymnastics and played soccer in high school.

Clara will run with the torch for 200m on September 18, and Dongjun will carry the torch for approximately 277m on September 19, the day of the Opening Ceremony.