Super Junior’s Ryeowook Steals a Pillow Given to Heechul by Puff Kuo?

Super Junior‘s Heechul finally solved a mystery regarding the whereabouts of his precious pillow, a gift from his virtual wife Puff Kuo, when he spotted the pillow in groupmate Ryeowook‘s room!

On September 9, Heechul uploaded the photo below on his Instagram along with a message, saying, “I have been wondering where a pillow given to me by my wife (Puff Kuo) has gone… I found out it has been in Ryeowook’s room for months. You little #@(/?♡^”₩&×%}¥!”

The picture shows the pillow in question placed on the floor, apparently in Ryeowook’s room. With a charming photo of Puff Kuo printed on it, seems like Heechul’s on-screen wife wanted to offer him comfort even when the two are physically apart, and decided to gift him with a puffy cushion.

But how, and why, did the pillow end up in Ryeowook’s room? That remains a mystery…

heechul pillow