Kim So Yeon Talks about Her Experiences on “Real Men,” Says It Was Truly Memorable

Actress Kim So Yeon has opened up about her thoughts on her experiences while filming the military variety show “Real Men.”

Through her official fan cafe, she talked about her memories while filming “Real Men,” and her honest thoughts on appearing in variety programs as an actress.

She said, “I blush every time I see myself on the show, and it’s still going on. I am so bad at everything and I cried so much, I think I’ll blush for some more.”

She also added, “The four days in my memory are filled with unforgettable moments and learning experiences. It was a truly precious opportunity, to get closer to people I already knew and form new relationships. I hope you enjoy the remaining episodes as well.”

Kim So Yeon has been garnering a lot of praise for her honest and polite personality shown on the show.

On the upcoming September 14 episode of the female celebrity special of “Real Men,” the cast will go through intensive ranger training.