F.CUZ Drops Jacket Image Teaser Ahead of “Bargaining for Love” Comeback

Five-member boy band F.CUZ has dropped a jacket image teaser image ahead of the release of the group’s forthcoming mini album “Bargaining for Love.” The group is now poised to make a comeback with what will be its fourth mini album, following on from the single “One Love,” a hit for the boys in March this year.

The jacket image will be followed by individual teaser images as the countdown begins to the new release.

The title track for “Bargaining for Love” will be entitled “CHA-GA-WA,” which (literally translated) means “cold.” The track has been produced by hit-making team Kave, collaborators with artists such as Jevice.

The boys debuted as a four-piece in January 2010 with the single “Jiggy” before a member reshuffle in 2011.