SM Entertainment Drops Video for Hitchhiker’s “Eleven”

Talent agency SM Entertainment has unveiled a music video for producer Hitchhiker’s debut song “Eleven,” ahead of the release of an album of the same name.

The track is quite unlike anything SM has released to date, and the video features what appears to be a large silver computer-generated character in a protective suit of some kind dancing and performing. The character is shown in supermarkets and DJing in front of an (animated) crowd. “Eleven” is a bass-heavy EDM (electronic dance music) number with no vocals as such, though intriguing vocal samples are used throughout.

SM has explained that Hitchhiker is one of the talent agency’s leading producers, and has worked on material with artists such as Girls’ Generation, BoA, TVXQ, EXO, and SHINee. Hitchhiker has previously gone under the names Jinu and DJ Jinu, though this is the artist’s first release in his current incarnation.

Mystery had been surrounding the artist since SM released a teaser video earlier this month, entitled “The Story of Hitchhiker,” as well as some cryptic teaser images distributed via the artist’s official Facebook page.Hitchhiker1

The talent agency urged fans to follow Hitchhiker, saying, “Please give lots of support to Hitchhiker’s next move.”