KBS Decides to Air Ladies’ Code RiSe and EunB’s Last Performance

On September 11 KBS announced that they will be airing “Open Concert” without editing out Ladies’ Code’s performance.

The production team revealed, “We discussed long and hard about whether to air Ladies’ Code’s last performance, which they had recorded immediately before they had gotten into that accident. We wanted to give respect to the other members who have lost two of their precious colleagues. But we also wanted to respect the requests of family members and their management agency, Polaris Entertainment, who wanted us to air this last performance that showed them doing their best as what they did and looking beautiful. So we decided to air the show as usual without editing their performance out.”

Ladies’ Code recently got into an accident on September 3 following the recording for “Open Concert,” which took place the night before. This performance will be their last as a whole group, including the late EunB and RiSe.

Meanwhile, the accident took place at 1:30 am on September 3 on a highway in Incheon. As they were driving in the rain they slipped as a tire fell out. Consequently, they hit a wall on the road. Member EunB passed away immediately, and RiSe received surgery despite being in critical condition. She passed away four days later without regaining consciousness. Member Sojung also received surgery for facial fractures and is currently recovering. Ashley and Zuny also received hospital care after sustaining some minor injuries.

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