Fly to the Sky’s Brian Wants to Make a Group Out of “Hidden Singer” Contestants That Mimic Hwanhee

During a recent recording of JTBC’s “Hidden Singer 3,” Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee appeared as the fourth guest singer on the show. On the show, Hwanhee will be competing against his imitation singers to win first place.

At the recording fellow Fly to the Sky member Brian was also present. Brian said that he’s known Hwanhee for 15 years, and claimed, “I’m the person who knows Hwanhee’s voice the best.” Brian was very confident that he would be able to find the real Hwanhee among the contestants. However, as the rounds began, Brian was shocked by the skills of the contestants.

2014.09.11_ftts brian hidden singer still

He claimed that not only could they perfectly imitate Hwanhee, they also had their individual skills that were unbelievable. Brian commented, “People wouldn’t know if one of them replaced Hwanhee if he got sick. [Referring to Hwanhee] If your throat condition is bad or if you’re too tired just rest.”

Another guest who appeared on the show was singer Hyun Mi, who has 57 years of singing experience. She teared up and said, “Every one of them, not just Hwanhee, can sing so well it makes me tear up. I admire all of them.”

Later Brian commented, “I’m enjoying today’s episode of ‘Hidden Singer’ as an audition program. I want to produce these three into a group called H3.”

This episode will air this coming September 13 on JTBC.

Who’s excited for this episode?