MBLAQ’s Mir Explains How g.o.d’s Former Manager Became His Brother-in-Law

MBLAQ’s Mir recently shared a story about how the former manager of g.o.d became his brother-in-law.

The September 11 broadcast of MBC’s variety program “Star Gazing” aired a g.o.d—2PM special. During this episode of the show, Mir explained the back-story behind the marriage between his oldest sister—an avid g.o.d fan—and the group’s former manager.

The MBLAQ member revealed, “My oldest sister is a g.o.d fan, so she asked my second oldest sister Go Eun Ah to get her tickets to their concert. My oldest sister and the manager who came out to deliver the concert tickets locked eyes and fell in love. They ended up getting married, and Kim Tae Woo sang the congratulatory song at their wedding.”

Mir continued to explain, “My brother-in-law is now the CEO of MBLAQ’s agency (J. Tune Camp). It’s all thanks to g.o.d that I was able to be a part of MBLAQ. If it wasn’t for them, I would probably be feeding cows right about now,” causing everyone to laugh.