Verbal Jint Reveals MV Teaser for Pre-Release Track “I Smell Autumn (Feat. Eddy Kim)” Off New Studio Album

Verbal Jint, one of the brightest stars of the Korean hip-hop scene, has revealed a teaser for his upcoming full-length album and new music video.

The teaser clip was unveiled through Brand New Music‘s YouTube channel on September 11. To give a taste of his new album “Go Hard,” the artist has decided to pre-release the track titled, “I Smell Autumn,” which also features rising talent Eddy Kim.

A perfect fit for the nearing fall season, “I Smell Autumn” is a smooth and pleasant hip-hop track that reflects the various feelings we tend to experience during fall.

Brand New Music commented, “The two singer-songwriters’ unique sounds are a great match with the song’s theme. You will be able to see their flawless chemistry as two ‘fall guys’ with voices perfectly fit for the season.”

“I Smell Autumn” is scheduled to drop on September 15.

Check out the teaser and the making-of clip below!