Seungri to Stay in Hospital For a Week, Will Not Perform with BIGBANG in Singapore for YG Family Tour

On September 12, a YG Entertainment rep said to Star News that following Seungri’s car accident, the BIGBANG member went to the hospital and got several checkups. “He had X-rays taken, which showed no broken bones. His CT scan showed minor liver hemorrhaging, but the doctors said that after about a week of simple treatment, he would recover just fine. In case of any aftereffects, Seungri will be staying in the hospital for a week.”

The rep explained what happened immediately following the accident, saying that “After the collision, Seungri underwent a sobriety test administered by police, which showed that he had not been drinking. As he wasn’t injured, he got out of the ambulance and went with his manager, who had been following Seungri in another car.”

The rep continued, saying that Seungri will not be joining the rest of the BIGBANG members in Singapore, who are headed there for the YG Family Tour concerts on September 13 and 14, and that BIGBANG will just be performing as four.

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