[VIDEO] The Original Kings, g.o.d, on AS4U!

If we mention “The Original Kings of K-pop,” there are few groups that come to mind that are actually still together. g.o.d is one of the rare groups to successfully work solo and come back together as a group – even after nine years apart.

g.o.d are such legends that they have earned two episodes on “A Song For You,” with this week kicking off the fun. Join Amber,Sungjae, and special guest MC Shindong as they give fans the one-on-one time they’ve always wanted with Park Joon, Kim Taewoo, and Danny Ahn from g.o.d.

Whether you’re an old fan or brand new to them, g.o.d is guaranteed to win you over. But here are a few more of our top reasons to catch episode 8!

1. Special MC Shindong!


Reminding us what a great MC he is!

2. A tri-generational meeting for the records!


1st: g.o.d, 2nd: Super Junior, 3rd: f(x) and BTOB!

3. g.o.d’s confession.


The question: Did you watch AS4U before attending? We’ll take that stony silence as a “no.”

4. Amber’s confession.


Oh, Kangin’s gonna get her.

5. Park Joon Hyung’s unique way of greeting.


Reserved for exclusively Taewoo and Shindong?

6. Arts and crafts time?


Oh, no, they’re making their pieces for the mission of the episode – Ddakchiki (Slap Game).

7. And a surprise!


They’ll be on next week as well!!

So, drop everything and watch their special episode now:

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