Jang Nara Wants to Treat Her Fan, Jung Joon Young, to a Meal

Actress Jang Nara recently expressed her gratitude towards singer Jung Joon Young for promoting her new drama. In an interview with OSEN on September 12, she commented, “He’s someone who I’m grateful for.”

It’s already been revealed that Jung Joon Young had been a fan of Jang Nara for quite some time now. He first mentioned this during an episode of MBC’s “Star Gazing.” Later, he even promoted her new drama, “Fated to Love You,” on his personal SNS account.

With regards to his actions Jang Nara commented, “I’ve never seen him before but he really went out of his way to promote the drama. I wondered what kind of a person he was, so I decided that I am going to treat him to a meal. I was very grateful.” She continued, “To be honest there’s a large age gap between the two of us and I’m not very familiar with what he does. But as his senior I was so thankful that he mentioned me to the public. It’s very difficult to take that much care in a senior-junior relationship in the entertainment industry. I was so happy that we got to bond as senior and junior. I’m so grateful. We haven’t been able to talk on the phone but we were able to send messages to each other. I’m going to buy the meal soon.”

Meanwhile, Jang Nara’s drama “Fated to Love You” recently ended. She received many compliments for her acting in the role of Kim Mi Young.