Park Hyo Shin, Wheesung, UV’s Muzie, and Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee Attended the Same High School

UV‘s Muzie has revealed that singers Park Hyo Shin, Wheesung, and Fly to the Sky‘s Hwanhee used to attend the same high school as him!

On an upcoming episode of JTBC’s “Hidden Singer 3,” Hwanhee of the talented R&B duo will appear on the show as the main singer.

During the filming, the audience was impressed to see artists Brian, Hyun Mi, and Muzie, among others, sitting in the front row, expressing their support for Hwanhee.

Muzie, who decided to appear on the show due to his special relationship with Hwanhee, caught everyone’s interest with a completely unexpected confession. He revealed that Park Hyo Shin, Wheesung, and Hwanhee are his fellow high school alumni, and all four entered the school the same year. Talk about coincidence!

However, it seems that they weren’t too close back in the day, as Muzie laughed, “I don’t know if I can call him [Hwanhee] my friend. If I knew things would turn out like this, I would have gotten closer with him during high school.”

To find out more about their high school memories, check out the episode that airs on September 13 at 11 PM.