GOT7’s JB Revealed to Have Been Involved in Minor Car Accident, JYPE Assures Fans He is Not Injured

It has been reported that GOT7’s JB has become the fourth K-Pop idol to be involved in a car accident in a span of about two weeks, following BESTie, Ladies’ Code, and BIGBANG’s Seungri.

According to GOT7’s agency, JYP Entertainment on September 13, a city bus that was heading in the direction of G Tower ran into the vehicle in which JB was riding with his manager and stylist, near Songdo International Business District in Incheon. The accident occurred on the street in front of the Tri-Bowl (a large sculpture) at around 11 PM (KST) on September 12.

Reports stated that the vehicle carrying JB and two other JYPE staff was trying to switch into the third lane due to a parked car in the fourth lane. JB’s vehicle came to a stop and the manager turned on the emergency lights, but the bus that was coming from behind was unable to stop in time and bumped into the vehicle.

Immediately following the accident, JB received a checkup at a hospital and was found to not have sustained any big injuries. A representative of JYPE told Star News and MyDaily, “[JB] was involved in a minor accident while moving locations during a drama filming. The results of his X-ray fortunately showed that there were no problems, so he returned to the dorms before completing his schedules. However, he is still very shocked [from the accident].”

Although JB did not sustain any major injuries, we hope that all drivers will practice safe driving and that news of such accidents become less frequent in the future.

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