Nam Goong Min Shocked by Hong Jin Young’s Past Photos on “We Got Married”

Actor Nam Goong Min was completely caught by surprise after seeing his virtual wife and singer Hong Jin Young’s photos from the past.

On the September 13 broadcast of MBC’s variety program “We Got Married,” the Nam Goong Min – Hong Jin Young couple went on a trip to Hong Jin Young’s hometown of Gwangju in order to greet and visit the singer’s parents.

During their visit to her parents’ home, Nam Goong Min had an opportunity to take a look at his virtual wife’s childhood photos. The actor was shocked to see a completely different image of Hong Jin Young through these pictures, and jokingly said, “You look like a handsome young boy.”

In an interview with producers, Nam Goong Min shared, “[Hong Jin Young] looked quite different from her current appearance,” while Hong Jin Young said, “Husband, you shouldn’t be like that,” both causing laughter with their statements.
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