Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Surprises “Real Men” Producers by Charming the Viewers with Her Cuteness

Although Girl’s Day member Hyeri has always stood out with her bright and humble personality, appearing on MBC’s “Real Men” has taken her popularity to the next level.

The show’s producer, Kim Min Jong PD, commented to Star News, “I am happy to see the viewers show positive reactions to the ‘Female Soldier Special.’ It seems they enjoy watching the cast working hard while undergoing training.”

“In particular, many are showing enthusiastic responses to Girl’s Day’s Hyeri. Actually, we did not expect to see such reaction from the viewers,” the PD added.

“During filming, we did not expect it at all, and although she appeared cute during the editing process, we had no idea the viewers would show her so much love. Hyeri said she is thankful and will come to greet me,” the producer laughed.

Two weeks ago, Hyeri made waves by making a strict commander smile with her adorable but unintentional aegyo, causing the homepage of their group to crash. Her down-to-earth attitude has charmed the viewers, and Hyeri’s great appetite and bright laughter have even become popular topics on social media.

“Real Men: Female Soldier Special” was originally scheduled to end after four episodes, but thanks to the immense love from the public, the show has been extended to five episodes.

hyeri eating

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