Teen Top Is Proud of Their New and Higher Average Weight?

The latest average weight of the Teen Top members has been revealed.

On the September 14 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” the MC paid a visit to the set of Teen Top’s comeback music video. This being their first comeback after a one-year hiatus, the members have worked hard to meet their fans’ expectations and return with a mature and polished image.

In the past, Teen Top made the headlines for having the lowest average weight among all male groups in Korea. To find out if they still hold the title, the members took turns stepping on the scale and revealing their current weight.

The members expressed their confidence, “Compared to 2012, we are taller and have worked out a lot, so we think we’re no longer the lightest group.”

Turned out that Changjo weighs now 68.5kg (145 pounds), which is a great increase from the group’s old average 55.1kg (121 pounds). Chunji weighs 55.3kg (121 pounds), L.Joe 55.8kg (123 pounds), Ricky 62.4kg (137 pounds), while Cap and Niel both weigh 63.5kg (139 pounds).

The group’s average has increased 6.3kg (14 pounds) in two years, now being 61.4kg (135 pounds). As the members were wearing full outfits topped with heavy accessories at the time, the number might not be completely accurate, but it still seems like their bodies have grown up over the two years!

Check out the members step on the scale below: