Haha Defends Jonghyun’s Behavior on “Infinity Challenge”: “We Were Simply Trying to Entertain”

Entertainer and singer Haha has expressed his opinion on the controversial behavior of SHINee‘s Jonghyun on the latest episode of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge.”

On the September 13 broadcast of the show, Haha acted as a special DJ on Jonghyun’s “Blue Night” radio show. While hosting the program, Jonghyun did not hold back with his jokes, and some viewers did not approve of his carefree behavior.

Earlier today, Jonghyun posted a sincere apology on his Twitter, following a number of complaints from the viewers of “Infinite Challenge” who considered his behavior and comments on the show inappropriate.

To explain the situation, Haha wrote on his Twitter on September 14, “Seems like you [viewers] have misunderstood something regarding Jonghyun. Like he said, we are very close, and although we wanted to entertain you, it appears some of you felt uncomfortable seeing such behavior on a variety show. Jonghyun did his best. Everyone, please show Jonghyun some love. SHINee is the best!”