KARA’s Heo Youngji Joins the Cast of “Roommate Season 2”

On the latest episode of “Roommate,” a preview of what was to come in the second season was given. In the preview, a surprise appearance was made by KARA’s new member, Heo Youngji. She greeted the viewers and in an interview, she was asked a question regarding what she was going to take. She innocently responded, “I don’t think there’s much to take. There’s a convenience mart so what’s there to worry about?” which brought smiles to the viewers.

Meanwhile, the second season of “Roommate” will air this upcoming September 21 with new members Bae Jong Ok, Lee Gook Joo, Otani Ryohei, Sunny, Jackson, and Park Joon Hyung. You can read more about the new cast here:

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