Reuters Interviews Yang Hyuk Suk, Predicts YG will Conquer Chinese Fashion and Entertainment Market

News media giant Reuters recently had an interview with YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyuk Suk, and commented that “YG will conquer the Chinese fashion and entertainment market.”

In the interview, Yang Hyuk Suk mentioned that “the influence of K-Pop will especially be helpful for YG in China,” and Reuters added, “The investment from France’s luxury corporation LVMH and CEO Yang Hyuk Suk’s business model will help YG branch out from the music business.”

On YG’s collaboration with LVMH and Samsung, Yang Hyuk Suk said, “These relationships are still at the starting point. But we will grow this into win-win situations for both parties in the fashion/makeup industry.”

YG Entertainment has recently announced the launching of their own fashion line, NONA9ON.