“Tomorrow Cantabile” Makers Release Joo Won Images

The makers of forthcoming drama “Tomorrow Cantabile” have released the first promotional images for the series, featuring actor Joo Won, who will play the lead male role.

Joo Won1

The drama is based on a series of Japanese manga novels called “Nodame Cantabile,” which debuted in 2001. The novels were adapted for television in Japan and a movie version was also released in 2010.

Joo Won will be playing the role of Cha Yoo Jin, a genial but troubled music student who hopes to one day become an orchestra conductor. The photographs show Joo Won holding a conductor’s baton.

Joo Won2

A member of the drama’s production company, Group 8, has explained that Joo Won has made an ideal leading man so far. The representative said, “Joo Won was our first choice by long way for this role. We really couldn’t think of anyone else but him and we thought he would be ideal. Just looking at the promotional shots confirms everything we had hoped. His appearance, behavior, facial expression and even the way he speaks are spot on.”