Clazziquai Project Releases “Still I’m by Your Side” Teaser ahead of New Album Release

Clazziquai Project has unveiled a teaser video for the song “Still I’m by Your Side,” ahead of the release of the group’s forthcoming album “Blink.”

The album will be the group’s sixth, and will become available for digital download on September 18. Fluxus Music, the talent agency that represents Clazziquai Project, has explained that “Still I’m by Your Side” is the album’s lead single.


The act has already released the artwork for “Blink,” which features a pig (a character that the group has used as a recurring motif in many of its previous releases). The pig is shown wearing a helmet with a large letter “B” emblazoned on it.

The group also recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary with a concert in August that featured other musical acts such as Urban Zakapa.