Shinhwa Company Changes Name as Legal Dispute with Joon Media Continues

Shinhwa Comapany, the talent agency run by Shinwha, is to undergo a name change in order to avoid further legal disputes with Joon Media (formerly Open-World Entertainment). Shinhwa Company will now be known as ShinCom Entertainment.

A representative for ShinCom stated, “As we are still involved with a case involving Joon Media, we have made this name change in order to avoid further issues. In our opinion, ‘Shinhwa’ is not a brand name at all. It is a name that the group’s members and its fans have cherished since this act was founded. ShinCom will do its utmost to preserve the name, and we ask fans to please continue to send us their support.”

Joon Media obtained rights pertaining to brand names in 2006. Since the group founded Shinhwa Company, however, lengthy legal disputes have ensued. A court ruled earlier this year that ShinCom’s use of the name “Shinhwa” represented a breach of copyright.

Legal proceedings between the two parties are still ongoing.