BEAST Set to Make Comeback on Their 5th Debut Anniversary on October 16!

It has been confirmed that BEAST will be making a comeback this coming October 16, which is also the date of the group’s fifth debut anniversary, after making their way into the music industry in October of 2009.

The group is preparing to officially come back with the release of a brand new album to commemorate the special anniversary. Following BEAST’s last comeback with “Good Luck” in June, this will be their fastest return to date, after only four months.

A few of the members had already started to leave clues on their personal Twitter accounts about the date of the upcoming comeback, prior to the official announcement made by their agency, Cube Entertainment.

The very first surprise hint about plans to come back this fall was given to fans at BEAST’s solo concert “2014 Beautiful Show” in August. The BEAST members have been working hard to prepare the new album in order to make it an unforgettable fifth anniversary gift for fans, despite the busy schedules within Korea as well as overseas.

Meanwhile, Cube Entertainment held a fun event called “BEAST Throwback Weekend” for fans to share various photos and memories they have built up with the group over the past five years.

Are you excited for BEAST’s comeback in October?